About us


We believe that what is best for your skin is also best for the environment.

seaweed organics

Scotland launched plaid souvenir fragrances and skincare products in 1950 by Mr. MacAndreis. -Heather Bloom, Highland Peet, Sable, The stuart white rose and Scottish Orchis.

Our company has been harnessing the goodness of native seaweeds to create high performance skincare for many years, our chapter of the story has resulted in the further development of and ethical seaweed skincare brand.

 scottish skincare

We became more and more convinced of the value of organic ingredients and the need to create products which had no petrochemicals, lanolin, parabens or indeed any harsh chemicals which could irritate the skin.

We are the most established Scottish skincare brand here in the UK. We love our history and are delighted to part of this story.

scottish skincare 

We always use active ingredients therapeutic concentrations. What’s on the label is the right quantity to ensure best effectiveness for your skin. 

We never use palm oil in our products due to the devastation caused to communities and wildlife by its extraction.

We never use any ingredients known to be harmful in any of our products - no sodium sulphates, parabens or artificial perfumes. None of our ingredients are tested on animals.