The Benefits of Seaweed for Skin - Diana Drummond

The Benefits of Seaweed for Skin

Seaweed Plants

We use our unique blend of seaweed plants in all our products. The plants have been chosen for their diversity of vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content. Our signature blend gives the widest possible range of therapeutic properties from seaweed. Seaweed plants provide an amazing, natural source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a form easily absorbed by our bodies.

Seaweed Harvesting

The seaweed used in our products is sustainably wild harvested, by hand, from the ocean surrounding the Outer and Inner Hebrides and Shetland Isles - the purest, most beautiful coastlines in Scotland. We take great care to ensure that we care for the plants never damaging their regrowth and never over harvesting from any single site. Seaweed is harvested with a small knife or scissors from below the low water mark and away from human habitation to ensure that it has not been contaminated in any way. We send samples from each batch harvested for testing. We also ensure that any seaweeds we purchase from other sources adhere to ethical procedures. So, you can be confident that the purest of wild harvested Scottish seaweeds are used in each product you but from us.

Seaweed Benefits

Seaweed has been used for centuries for its natural healing and nourishing properties; it is reputed to help with skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis, to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and relieve muscular aches and painful joints. Research shows that what we put on our skin is absorbed through the pores - our unique blend of seaweed contains Vitamins A, B C & E alongside all the minerals and trace elements your body needs!

Seaweed stimulates the lymphatic system, improves circulation, and absorbs toxins from the body. Helps the body to replenish mineral and vitamin deficiency by providing a wide range of nutrients, which are easily absorbed through the skin. Improves the health & texture of the skin. The antioxidant properties in seaweed can minimise the effects of aging on the skin.


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