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Oarweed (Kombu kelp) seaweed

SEAWEED ORGANICS skincare ingredient.

Oarweed (Kombu kelp) : Laminaria digitata is a tough, leathery, dark brown seaweed that grows to two or three metres. The holdfast which anchors it to the rock is conical and has a number of spreading root-like protrusions called rhizoids. The stipe or stalk is flexible and oval in cross section and may be over 1 inch in diameter and grow to 5 feet in length. The blade is large and shaped like the palm of a hand with a number of more or less regular finger-like segments.

Oarweed (Kombu kelp) seaweed efficacy : Antioxidant and anti-wrinkle effects

Products : Lower Seaweed Hydrating Essence, Lower Seaweed Hydrating Cream. 

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