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Heather_7Miracle Blend

SCOTTISH BOTANICALS skincare ingredient.

Heather : Calluna vulgaris, common heather, ling, or simply heather, is the sole species in the genus Calluna in the flowering plant family Ericaceae. It is a low-growing evergreen shrub growing to 20 to 50 centimetres (8 to 20 in) tall, or rarely to 1 metre (40 in) and taller, and is found widely in Europe and Asia Minor on acidic soils in open sunny situations and in moderate shade.

Heather efficacy : Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammation, Anti-pollution, Skin brightening.

Products : 7Miracle Blend HERBAL TONER, 7Miracle Blend DAILY MOISTURE, 7Miracle blend MOISTURISING CREAM

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