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Heather benefits of skin

Calluna vulgar is a well-known symbol of Scotland where it is seen as an icon of the Highlands. Heather is regarded in Scotland as being lucky, a tradition brought from Balmoral to England by Queen Victoria. Traditionally, it was used as medicine through teas, ointments and salves as a cleansing and detoxifying plant in the treatment of inflammatory disorders. Heather research has shown anti-oxidation, anti-pollution and anti-inflammation actives demonstrated by in vivo and ex vivo experiments. These effects of heather are known to be due to active compounds such as quercetin, p-coumaric acid, caffeic acid, ferulic acid, luteolin, chlorogenic acid, isoquercitrin, hamamelitannin and catechin that have been identified in heather extracts.

heather benefits of skin

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